Multi Utility Connections

Multi-Utility Connections

Many developers don’t realise that it’s not necessary to contact each utility supplier to arrange their connections. Just let us know what needs connecting and we handle it all, contacting Gas, Water and Electricity boards on your behalf, designing the system and often, all connections can be carried out at the same time, saving you time, hassle and most importantly, money!

Gas Connections

Connecting Gas

We’re certified for all types of gas connections from domestic dwellings to an entire industrial estate. We work on low and medium pressure and we’re experienced in installing and commissioning medium pressure gas governors.

Whatever your requirements, we’ll design a gas system that meets your needs. The design will be approved by the host operator prior to construction and, once commissioned, we’ll arrange adoption of the installed assets and include maintenance of the system.

Water Connections

Connecting Water

Over 10 years ago, we made our start in the utilities business connecting water networks. In recent years, we’ve focused a lot of effort on water infrastructure. Our knowledge base and technical ability gives our clients peace of mind that their water supply has been installed correctly and will be trouble free for years to come.

We’re also certified and experienced at connecting your foul water into the sewer network for an end-to-end service, minimising effort and disruption to your business and the public.

Electricity Connections

Connecting Electricity

Technical competence and practical ability are the cornerstone of our Electrical connections team. Within the group, we have experience at all voltages up to and including 11kV.

Our design and technical team have industry experience that is second to none and we actively challenge the distribution network operators to give our clients the most cost effective connection possible.

Telecoms Connections

Connecting Telecoms

We can provide single or multi-lay duct, for BT or other private communication providers, we can install all telecommunication ancillary equipment including boxes and manholes ready for adoption by the respective provider.

Excavate & Reinstate Connections

Excavation and Reinstating

As well as making the connections, Megson Utilities do all our own excavation and reinstatement including kerb and flag setting and tarmac laying. Because we’re not relying on a sub contractor to dig and reinstate, we control the quality of the finished job and you’re not waiting for final completion, we handle it all.

Site Preparation

One of the common reasons for hold ups on site is incorrectly prepared trenches for laying the pipes and cables.

For single and multi-utility installations, the water supply generally goes in first with other connections laying beside it at a depth of 900mm and wide enough to accommodate the pipes, cables and the men working there.

If we are designing your multi-utility connection, we’ll advise the trench size, depth and position on the drawings we produce as part of our service. If required, we can also carry out the excavation as well as the connecting and reinstatement. All included in your quote.

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